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Team Coaching – “…is an interactive process through which a team coach both supports as well as challenges a team to accelerate its development and performance over a given period of time (e.g. 4 to 12 months).  Team coaching can be leveraged to increase results, to enhance employee engagement, to drive organizational change, to foster the development of leadership cultures, and more.” – Krister Lowe, PhD, Host of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast

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John Leary-Joyce, Founder and Thought leader of Systemic Team Coaching, President and Founder of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), and Author of Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work

Episode #055: John Leary-Joyce: Insights & Reflections on Systemic Team Coaching

Join Dr. Krister Lowe and today’s featured guest and thought leader in the area of team coaching—John Leary-Joyce—for this episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast.  John is the President and Founder of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)—a global organization that provides a route for professionals to gain coaching mastery. He has rapidly established the AoEC as a brand of excellence accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and Middlesex University. He is the author of Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work, is a founder and thought leader of Systemic Team Coaching, and certifies and supervises team coaches around the world.

Themes explored in the podcast include: John’s journey as a Gestalt psychotherapist into executive and team coaching; the establishment of the AoEC; individual signature presence; incorporating the organizational and systemic context into coaching; John’s collaboration with Peter Hawkins; similarities and differences between team development, team facilitation and team coaching; the ongoing process of team coaching over time; the Five Disciplines of Team Coaching – Commissioning, Clarifying, Co-Creating, Connecting, Core Learning; inside out and outside in as well as the task and relationship components in team coaching; collective leadership; individual and collective performance appraisal within teams; the learning team; differentiating elements of Systemic Team Coaching; supervision of team coaches; shadow team coaches; being able to challenge as well as hold as a team coach; helping teams maintain momentum in team coaching; the future of team coaching and more.

In the episode John shares a number of success as well as failure stories from his executive and team coaching practice. He also shares information about AoEC’s team coach training programs; the Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool; his book Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work; as well as other resources available at www.aoec.com.

Systemic Team Coaching is one of the leading approaches to team coaching that all team coaches should explore. This episode provides a great introduction from one the thought leaders and founders in the area.  This is an episode that you will surely not want to miss!  For show notes go to: www.TeamCoachingZone.com.

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This week’s podcast guest John Leary-Joyce discusses his book The Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work.

Fertile Void


About the Book

A practical, accessible, and yet genuinely authoritative handbook on the application of Gestalt to the world of executive coaching. In The Fertile Void John Leary-Joyce, a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, distills a lifetime’s experience of Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching and coach training. Starting with a down-to-earth examination of the psychological theory that underpins the Gestalt approach to coaching, the book then uses numerous examples and exercises to take you through Gestalt coaching in action. John then helps you develop practitioner skills through Active Experimentation, Bodywork, and Team coaching. He concludes with guidance on how you can develop your Signature Presence – essential to effective coaching, then examines the role of Supervision in a Gestalt coaching context. An invaluable handbook for both experienced executive coaches seeking to extend their range of interventions and impact, and those new coaches developing a coaching skill set.


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