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Team Coaching – “…is an interactive process through which a team coach both supports as well as challenges a team to accelerate its development and performance over a given period of time (e.g. 4 to 12 months).  Team coaching can be leveraged to increase results, to enhance employee engagement, to drive organizational change, to foster the development of leadership cultures, and more.” – Krister Lowe, PhD, Host of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast

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TCZ Blog Post (Published 20 July 2016)

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Part 1 of a two-part series by Ruth Wageman, Ph.D. & Krister Lowe, Ph.D.

…research that compares the performance of teams with what is produced by an equivalent number of individuals who work by themselves almost always finds that the individuals outperform the teams… Richard Hackman, PhD

Despite the buzz about “high performing teams” and our desires to build them and to participate in them, in reality they tend to be more the exception than the rule. In fact with the increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) surrounding organizations these days, high performing teams could become an endangered species. The operating environment is making it increasingly challenging for teams and organizations to succeed. Astonishingly, the team you are on has a 5:1 odds of being poor or mediocre performing rather than being high performing. One study conducted by Ruth Wageman, PhD (one of the co-authors of this post) of more than 120 leadership teams across a range of industries around the world found that only 21% were high performing, 37% were mediocre performing and 42% were poor performing (Source: Wageman, R., Nunes, D. A., Burruss, J. A., & Hackman, J. R. (2007). Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Great Boston, Mass: Harvard Business Review Press). Let’s pause and reflect on that for a moment…read more

TCZ Blog Post (Published 28 July 2016)

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Part 2 of a two-part series by Ruth Wageman, Ph.D. & Krister Lowe, Ph.D.

…The most powerful way to build an effective team is to implement team norms (clear rules of engagement) that build constructive interactions and collaborative work processes… -Richard Hackman, PhD

In our first article (http://www.teamcoachingzone.com/diagnosing-coaching-teams-3-essential-3-enabling-conditions-team-effectiveness-part-1-2/) in this two part series we explored 3 Essential conditions—a real team, a compelling direction, the right people—that create the basis for team effectiveness. In that article we also introduced some research on leadership teams from around the world that suggested that the majority of such teams (approximately 80%) tend to be mediocre at best. The conditions for great teams just weren’t present.  In this follow-up article we share insights into 3 Enabling factors that further help to explain team effectiveness so that team leaders, team members and team coaches can gain insights into how to more effectively diagnose and coach teams.

The 3 Enabling Conditions – Sound Structure, Supportive Context, Team Coaching

The three Essentials named above form a solid platform for great teamwork. In addition, three more factors can breathe life into that basic structure and act as catalysts for high team performance: Sound Structure, Supportive Context and Team Coaching. Each of these are briefly described below….read more


Team Coaching Assessments


Krister Lowe, PhD: Organizational Psychologist, Leadership & Team Coach, Host of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast

Episode #056: Krister Lowe, PhD: Assessments in Team Coaching

Join Dr. Krister Lowe for this week’s episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast! In this episode, Krister shares his thinking around using assessments as part of team coaching engagements. This is the first in a 3-part series focusing on resources for team coaches. The second episode will look at leading team coaching books for team coaches. The third episode will look at some of the leading team coach training programs available. Specific themes explored in this episode include:

1. The Pros & Cons of Using Assessments
2. Overview of individual Level Assessments
3. Overview of 5 Team Level Assessments
4. Alternative Methods of Assessment: surveys, interviews, focus groups and observation

Listeners will find this episode useful for understanding why to use assessments in the first place as well as what options are available for doing so. Krister also shares some of his experiences using assessments with clients.

Finally, listeners are encouraged to go to http://www.teamcoachingzone.com to subscribe to the Zone’s weekly newsletter which has information and discounts on upcoming team coaching training and assessment certification programs along with other helpful information for team coaches.

Have a great day and remember to Stay in the Zone!

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Team Level Assessments Discussed on the Show This Week

  1. Team Diagnostic Survey: Team-Diagnostics.com
  2. Team Emotional Intelligence Survey: http://www.eiworld.org/Events/Team-Emotional-Intelligence
  3. Team Coaching International’s 4 Team Coaching Assessments: http://teamcoachinginternational.com
  4. Team Connect 360 by AoEC: http://www.aoec.com/organisations/team-connect-360
  5. Polarity Map: http://www.polaritypartnerships.com

Join The Team Coaching Zone and Dr. Ruth Wageman for a special 3-day intensive certification training this Fall in New York City: Diagnosing and Coaching Teams Using the Team Diagnostic SurveyTM. Participants will walk away with: 1) an evidence-based framework of high performing teams; 2) practical tools for coaching team leaders and teams for high performance and learning; 3) certification in one of the most well-researched team performance and coaching instruments—The Team Diagnostic SurveyTM. Dr. Wageman is a Leading Scholar, Advisor, and Educator in Organizational Behavior and Collaborative Leadership. She is the lead author of the essential book Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great and the author of numerous articles including “A Theory of Team Coaching” in the Academy of Management Review as well as ”Team Diagnostic Survey: Development of an Instrument” in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences. She is a co-creator of the Team Diagnostic Survey—among the most rigorously researched and well- validated team assessment and coaching instruments. Dr. Wageman is currently a Director at ReThink Health and an Associate in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

For More Information and To Register 


November 9-11, 2016

New York City

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