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About The TCZ

The TCZ’s mission is transform the world of work through next generation teams and teaming practices in organizations.  We help companies make the shift to organizing as “networks of small, nimble teams at scale that work in agile and iterative ways.”

Research suggests that 20% of teams are high performing, 30% are mediocre performing and more than 40% are poor performing and that these numbers are getting worse rather than better in our increasingly VUCA world.  Gone are the days when good teaming was considered doing a one or two-day offsite workshop!  Teams in today’s fast changing operating environment require deliberate design, rapid formation and ongoing coaching to support the achievement of critical business objectives.  Our industry-leading Thought Leadership content, innovative Products & Services and best-in-class Master Classes provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your teaming needs.  Explore how our holistic Assess, Build and Coach framework can take your organization’s teaming practices into the 21st Century!

The Team Coaching Zone launched on January 1, 2015 and founded by Krister Lowe, PhD, CPCC–an Organizational Psychologist, Team Coach and Podcaster.

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