Episode #063: Alexander Caillet: Coaching Teams in Real Time with a Focus on Both Heart & Results


What is it that sets team coaching apart from other modalities, and what makes this way of working so powerful? Alexander Caillet—Founder and CEO of Corentus—has a clear point of view: team coaching focuses on real work, in real time, for real results.

Over the past 20+ years, Alexander has worked with more than 150 teams in more than 30 countries across five continents. In addition to his client work, he also conducts intensive team coaching training, through both Georgetown University and the Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program. In this week’s episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast, Alexander shares his journey into team coaching and his perceptions of the possibilities and promise of this growing field.

Themes explored on the podcast include:

  • The impact of coaching teams in real time, on real business issues
  • Limits of traditional team development approaches
  • Several different hats team coaches may wear
  • The need for practical team tools
  • Factors influencing the demand for team coaching engagements
  • Structure of team coaching engagements
  • Using sociograms for data gathering
  • Self-coaching within teams
  • What it takes to achieve sustainable change in teams
  • Critical considerations for coaching a team leader
  • Team coaching presence and mindset
  • and more.

Alexander relates stories from his own experience—both failures and successes—and highlights the lessons he’s learned about what it takes to practice effectively and responsibly as a team coach. He also shares a variety of resources for aspiring team coaches and current practitioners—ranging from self-guided learning tools to the 9-month Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program to the 2017 Team Coaching Toolbox Gathering. (More information is available at www.corentus.com.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an influential pioneer and thought leader in the team coaching field!

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Resources Mentioned

  1. http://www.corentus.com
  2. Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program: http://www.corentus.com/team-coaching-certificate-program

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Themes Explored in the Episode

  • Alexander’s journey to team coaching
  • Group dynamics/relations
  • Coaching teams in real time
  • Limits of team building, team chartering, team launches
  • Evolving from executive coaching to team coaching
  • Lessons learned coaching more than 150 teams
  • Differentiating team development, training, facilitating, advising, and coaching
  • The different hats a team coach wears
  • The need for tools in teams
  • Powerful questions
  • Team development as the umbrella discipline
  • Corentus – Heart + Results
  • Alexander’s work at Corentus, teaching team coaching at Georgetown University and the newly launched Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program
  • Making “moves” in teams in a firm but respectful way
  • Being in the moment
  • 4 Focus Areas: Goals, Accountability, Decision Making, Communication
  • Teaching and training the team in tools that they can use themselves
  • Stepping into coaching the team around real work; applying tools to real work in real time
  • Launch events – getting to work quickly coaching around real work
  • Intensity and frequency of team coaching sessions
  • Sustainability in team coaching engagements
  • Sociograms
  • Self-coaching teams
  • Making the implicit explicit
  • Observational feedback
  • Future and Trends in Team Coaching
  • Corentus’s team coaching certificate program, articles
  • The Team Coaching Tool Box conference Washington DC Summer of 2017

Stories of Success and Failure:

  • Story #1 of being out of alignment with the context; imposing one’s own agenda on the client vs. staying within the client’s remit; listening to oneself – where am I coming from? Comfort with silence. Learning to stay quiet and not just fill space; where is “your come from”
  • Story #2 shaming/ambushing the leader; contracting with the team leader for one-to-one coaching; preparing the team leader
  • Story #3 senior team that created an inhospitable environment within the team and with visitors who would come to present to the team; creating a welcoming norm; getting caught in the moment; real time feedback


  • Contacting Alexander: http://www.corentus.com
  • Resources: Articles and Videos available for download http://www.corentus.com/resources/
  • Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program: http://www.corentus.com/team-coaching-certificate-program

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