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About the Team Diagnostic Survey

The Team Diagnostic Survey is a proprietary online survey instrument designed to help consultants and work team leaders diagnose their team structure, support and leadership.  The TDS assesses how well members work together, and their motivation and satisfaction level.  The 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness in the model predict up to 80% of the variance in team effectiveness making it among the most powerful predictive models of team effectiveness.  Research on the TDS framework suggests that 60% of a team’s effectiveness is a result of how well the team is designed on the 6 conditions, 30% on how well the team launches and 10% on the ongoing team coaching it receives.

The survey was constructed by foremost experts Drs. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, based on their authoritative works Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances and Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great.  The TDS is a validated and reliable psychometric instrument that has been subjected to peer review and published in a scientific journal.

Certification Options


Level 1 Online Course

Foundational Practitioner Certification

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Upcoming Level 2 Classroom-based

Advanced Practitioner Certification

Team Diagnostic Survey Framework

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Books Based on the TDS & 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness

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