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Join Dr. Ruth Wageman & The Team Coaching Zone for a special Webinar and Launch Event for The Team Diagnostic Survey: 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness!

Wednesday August 23 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST (US Eastern Standard Time) 

In this webinar Dr. Ruth Wageman will…

  • Introduce the 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness framework and survey and how it predicts up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness
  • The 60-30-10 rule for intervening in teams
  • Explore modern trends and challenges in teaming in today’s organizations
  • Formally launch the Team Diagnostics survey which is now being made commercially available to coaches, consultants and enterprises
  • Share information about online as well as upcoming classroom-based certification workshops in the TDS

This webinar will be hosted on the Zoom Webinar meeting platform.  Once you have registered for the FREE session, login details will be sent to you.  For more information on this webinar please contact Dr. Krister Lowe at

To Learn More About The Team Diagnostic Survey including Podcasts, Articles and Upcoming Workshops, Go To:


Recent Podcast on the Team Diagnostic Survey


Upcoming TDS Survey Certification Workshop



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