5 Knowledge Centers Podcast: Master Coach Eric Kohner

5 Knowledge Centers Podcast: Master Coach Eric Kohner

5 Knowledge Centers Podcast: Master Coach Eric Kohner on “The Coaching Perspective” Talk Radio Show with Doug Gfeller

Eric Kohner is an internationally recognized executive coach, trainer, keynote speaker and pioneer in the coaching profession. He is currently a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute. Eric enjoys icon status in the business due, in part, to his fearlessness in calling people forth for the sake of their learning and leadership. A catalyst for leadership excellence across cultures, Eric has delivered training programs on five continents. In this interview, Eric introduces a new and simple model that is revolutionizing how we coach ourselves, others and teams. For more information on The Team Coaching Zone.  The “5 Knowledge Centers Podcast: Master Coach Eric Kohner” was recorded live on August 3, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show with host Doug Gfeller.

Main themes covered in this episode include:

  • Eric’s journey from being an actor to becoming a professional coach to becoming a Senior Coach Trainer for Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to joining The Team Coaching Zone, LLC.
  • The need for coaches to continually innovate and disrupt themselves
  • The evolution of the coaching field from its early origins to the shift from individual to team coaching
  • Guiding Principles: “Staying Humble and Stepping Into Your Greatness”
  • The 5 Knowledge Centers Framework: Head, Heart, Hands, Gut, Groin + Nature
  • November 5 Knowledge Centers Training Program, New York City, November 15-17, 2017
  • Coaching demonstration by Eric with Doug
  • Storytelling of applications of the 5 Knowledge Centers Framework

Ways to Listen:

The Coaching Perspective Podcast with Doug Gfeller

Link to Eric Kohner Podcast on the 5 Knowledge Centers on The Coaching Perspective Talk Show

Learn More About Eric & The Five Knowledge Centers

5 Knowledge Centers Training Program New York City November 15-17, 2017

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