Podcast #083: The Roundtable: Helping Leaders Cultivate Leadership Together


Podcast #083: Glain Roberts-McCabe: The Roundtable: Helping Leaders Cultivate Leadership Together


How does the shift from the knowledge economy to the collaboration economy impact how we coach leaders and teams in organizations? How can peer group coaching, team coaching and guided mentoring support this shift? Tune in for this week’s episode of the Team Coaching Zone podcast with guest Glain Roberts-McCabe to explore these and other interesting topics and questions. Glain Roberts-McCabe is the Founder & President of The Roundtable–a group & team coaching organization based in Toronto, Canada where leaders cultivate their leadership together.  

Some themes covered in this podcast include:

  • Glain’s journey from line leader to classroom trainer to focusing on business development to group and team coaching and then to founding The Roundtable 10 years ago.
  • Peer group coaching, team coaching and guided mentoring in organizations
  • Addressing high potentials who are at risk of derailment and how they can coach and learn together
  • The shift from the knowledge economy to the collaborative economy
  • The hunger for belonging & connectivity in Gen X and the Millennials
  • The shift to collaborative and collective leadership
  • The Roundtable: a group coaching program targeting leadership development
  • Use of Feedforward in group coaching
  • Why coaching leaders in groups is often more powerful than coaching leaders alone one-to-one: seeing people in context
  • Flipping the classroom approach: how to augment group coaching with training modules
  • Size, length and frequency of group coaching sessions
  • How to use a twist on mastermind groups using peer coaching
  • Upping the coaching skills of group members
  • The story of an award winning program delivered at PepsiCo by The Roundtable
  • Using group coaching to help leaders and managers learn how to coach their own teams
  • Team coaching as a guise or stealth approach for leadership development
  • Guided group mentoring: coaching leaders to mentor groups
  • Accordion approach to team coaching: working with the team and the individual
  • The innovative structure of The Roundtable company: advisory council, 1-day conference, members
  • Great resources at www.GoRoundtable.com

The Roundtable approach is a best-in-class role model for how coaches can help organizations transform their approach to learning and also with the dramatic shift to the collaboration economy.  This is an episode you cannot afford to miss!

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Resources Mentioned

  • Visit www.GoRoundtable.com
  • Check out “Get Inspired” section for leadership truths & “Leadership Merit Badges” on main site
  • Twitter: @HeyRoundtable



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Part 1 – Getting to know the Show Guest: Glain Roberts-McCabe

  • Founder & President of The Roundtable- a group & team coaching organization where leaders cultivate their leadership together
  • Located in Toronto, Canada
  • The Roundtable was named Best External HR Consultancy Advisory in Canada in 2016
  • The Roundtable’s Peer Group Coaching Program won 2014 Gold Award from the Canadian Society of Training and Development
  • Glain started her career as a line leader, moved to classroom training, to business development consulting, to group coaching
  • Her coaching niche was the “derailing high potential”, addressing the knowledge gap for mid-career leaders
  • Author of article: Why Your High Potential Wants a Divorce
  • Noticed a shift to collaborative leadership approach with emerging millennials whom are open to group/team coaching

Part 2 – Approach to Team Coaching

  • 3 Roundtable offerings 1) peer group coaching 2) team coaching 3) guided mentoring
  • Combines team programs with individual coaching
  • Programs last for 10 months and cohorts include 8 participants who meet for 3 hours every 6 weeks
  • Cohorts attend “coaching clinics” – modules of learning which teaches material and provides participants with tools to use in their job
  • Coaching clinic topics include: values, unleash your potential, galvanize your confidence, etc., and vary based on the needs of the group
  • Peer coaching addresses individual issues and the program is structured with learning partners and supervisor involvement
  • Participants meet with supervisor first then individual, then aligns both around new behaviors for development
  • Story 1: Glain runs the hi-potential leadership program at PepsiCo with a peer group coaching approach
    • Program started as open enrollment then moved internal
    • Post survey at PepsiCo revealed that people who completed her program compared to control group saved an estimated $1 million + in turnover, $200,000 in reactive coaching, MQPI (internal survey) have superior scores.
    • Multiple cohorts have been through her program at PepsiCo (about 60 people total)
    • Peer group coaching program at PepsiCo earned Roundtable the Gold Award
  • Works with executive leadership teams and trains them to coach their teams and lead sessions
  • Guided group mentoring creates a platform for meaningful conversations with “double tier development” – senior leader and mentees are being developed at same time
  • Helps teams define their team legacy and identify behaviors that are needed for this vision
  • Uses tool of “energy motivators” – identify individual motivators and use individual and team report for intervention
  • Story 2: She worked with an executive team that had a high drive to win. The team was low in the energy you get from close intimate relationships- the winning energy was taking over. She found out how to leverage people lower on winning energy and incorporated feedback from the energy motivator tool in their developmental plan. Using TCI’s Productivity and Productivity assessment as well as individual interviews. Learning how to tie team coaching up into a “nice bow” as well as measuring team coaching engagements.
  • Roundtable cultivates cross-community by creating platforms for clients to share their experiences and teach leadership lessons to each other

Part 3 – Closing / Parting Advice / Words of Wisdom

  • Visit www.GoRoundtable.com
  • Check out “Get Inspired” section for leadership truths & “Leadership Merit Badges” on main site
  • Twitter: @HeyRoundtable
  • We are right at the “tsunami” with team coaching- it’s an exciting place to be!

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