Where should teams begin to start building momentum and a thriving culture? Can meetings really be disrupted to become spaces of genuine productivity and value creation?  How can teams create a culture of shared ownership for meeting success?

Join show host Dr. Krister Lowe and today’s featured guests Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Tai Tsao to explore these and other compelling topics on this week’s episode of the Team Coaching Zone podcast!  Mamie Kanfer Stewart is CEO and Founder of Meeteor, a collaboration company that helps organizations builds strong, healthy cultures in which people thrive. Tai Tsao is Change Management and Customer Success Lead at Meeteor.

Some themes explored on the podcast include:

  • How teams can build momentum by disrupting their meetings culture
  • Mamie and Tai’s new book Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings
  • The origins of the company and its name Meeteor: “Meetings with Impact”
  • Insights into pitching team coaching to clients
  • Meeteor’s 8 dimension team effectiveness model and tool: Balance, Communication, Change Agility, Common Vision and Direction, Accountability, Shared Support, Meaningful Engagement, and Trust
  • Meeteor’s approach to working with teams: assessment; 2 week sprints including training, coaching and action modules for 2 to 4 months; sustaining new habits and change
  • Meeteor’s approach to meetings: tips and techniques for before, during and after team meetings
  • Desired outcomes, time management, agendas, notes, using tools and technologies and more to increase meeting effectiveness
  • Research showing that 30% of meeting time is wasted due to inefficiencies
  • A case example of how Meeteor helped a stone masonry company transform its team and organizational culture and how that impacted customers

All team members, team leaders and team coaches will find this episode essential listening for transforming team meetings and more.  Join the movement for creating better meetings! Tune in today and let Mamie and Tai take your team coaching practice to the next level.  For episode show notes and more go to:

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Part 1 – Getting to Know the Team Coaches:

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

  • CEO & founder of Meeteor, a collaboration company that helps organizations builds strong, healthy culture in which people thrive.
  • Has taught effective meeting practices at numerous conferences and workshops, including her keynote at Lean Startup Conference 2016
  • She has been a guest on numerous leadership and productivity podcasts, including The Productivityist. Mamie has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Collective, and PCMag, and writes about productivity, healthy team culture, and meeting best practices
  • She holds degrees from New York University Stern School of Business and Kansas City Art Institute.
  • Worked in family’s enterprise after completing art school. Began working with teams in non-profit organizations as a consulting. She then decided they needed a technology tool for their teaming
  • Mamie is an extravert who loves to be and work with other people
  • Loves finding technology tools to optimize her own work and help others succeed

Tai Tsao

  • Change Management & Customer Success Lead at Meeteor where she develops content, programs, and learning materials to support the change adoption process, including strategies for incorporating new meeting practices, communicating vision, and evaluating effectiveness.
  • She has worked with a diverse array of organizations in areas of organization development and change management.
  • A native of Taiwan, Tai holds a master’s degree in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University.
  • Started a community for students in her college finance program to learn skills including teamwork skills and self-awareness
  • Went into training and development work in Taiwan
  • Tai attracted to Mamie and Meeteor because of her background and interest in technology and group dynamics
  • Origins of Meeteor – Mamie originally built a strategy tool and eventually shifted the technology product to products and services for effective meetings & collaboration
  • Origins of the company and its name Meeteor: “Meetings with Impact”
  • Mamie and Tai’s new book Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings, written for organizational leaders, meeting leaders, and meeting participants

Part 2 – Approach to Team Coaching

  • Meeteor offers technology tools, trainings and team coaching
  • Meeteor also offers consulting services for changing organizational culture
  • Their focus is on team coaching to support teams over time in behavior change
  • Metaphor of going to the gym for ongoing team coaching –we need more than just one day of team coaching! Spread out work regularly over time
  • Breaks down team coaching work into bite size pieces for sales to potential clients
  • Offers a modular approach for team coaching practice to build appetite for the larger services
  • Program is designed into sprints – teams work with team coach to build off progress of each sprint
  • Use a curriculum with a coach for meetings: 1) assess current meeting practice 2) identify vision for how you want your meetings to run 3) introduce practices
  • Meeting is one component of their services
  • Assessment phase at team and individual level: find strength & opportunities, personality assessments
  • Developed their own team assessment with 8 elements:
    • Balance
    • Communication
    • Change agility
    • Common vision and direction
    • Accountability
    • Shared support
    • Meaningful engagement
    • Trust
    • Norms & Processes
  • Every module is set up through 2 week sprints. In between sprints, coaches leave team with:
    • A learning component – provide them with education on a team dimension
    • Then take an action – each member accomplishes an activity separately
    • Coaches present back activity to whole team in team meeting and facilitate conversation
    • Reflect on process then move into new goal
  • Coaching sessions are 45 min – 1 hour, sometimes 2 hours. Modules on a topic ranges from 2 – 4 month long engagements
  • Program is designed to be 100% virtual, but offer in person coaching
  • Meetings are not a single event. There is a before, during, and after.
  • How do you plan your meetings? Define desired outcome of meeting before. Make sure this outcome is communicated to participants. Then design meeting. After you can reflect on the meeting, did you meet the desired outcomes?
  • Who owns the problem of ineffective meetings?
  • Everyone is responsible for effective meetings, not just the meeting leader, all have a role
  • Importance of changing meetings culture – 1/3 of meetings is considered a waste of time. This equals an average of 8 hours a week for leaders. “You’re wasting 20% of your company’s value!” Negative implications also include: financial loss, impact on culture, feelings of engagement, respect, stress, extra hours worked, time taken away from other work
  • “this isn’t just a problem we should just ignore and just say, well it’s just a fact of life. There are real human implications and organizational implications…manage your people’s time the way you manage finances”
  • They help implement meeting practices through the tools that the teams already use or provide them with new tools that take on different perspectives on meetings
  • They offer templates to facilitate a process for planning the meeting and for the meeting receivers

Case Example: Stone Masonry Company

  • Team felt like weekly meetings were getting out of control, no clear outcomes, confusion between team leaders
  • Meeteor supported them with technology tools and coaching
  • Afte, the team shared that their meetings have been transformed and the dynamics between people were transformed
  • CEO openly admitted to contributing the ineffective meetings and empowered colleagues to hold him accountable to behavior change during meetings
  • Meeteor brought them all on the same page, created a culture of following ground rules, provided a clear way to take notes

Part 3 – Closing / Parting Advice / Words of Wisdom

  • Book discount offered for purchasing in bulk
  • Book comes with a workbook guide for teams
  • Additional tools available on website
  • Follow them on TwitterLinkedInFacebook
  • Subscribe to blog on their site
  • “Let’s create a movement for better meetings”
  • They would love to talk to listeners who work internally in organization to discuss how they are tackling the meeting issue in their organization
  • “Experiment, try something new to bring positive energy to your team!”

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