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Team Coaching “…is an interactive process through which a team coach both supports as well as challenges a team to accelerate its development and performance over a given period of time (e.g. 4 to 12 months).  Team coaching can be leveraged to increase results, to enhance employee engagement, to drive organizational change, to foster the development of leadership cultures, and more.” – Krister Lowe, PhD, Host of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast

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Richard Boston, Managing Director & Dean Taylor, Chartered Business Psychologist, both of LeaderSpace Ltd.

#037: The LeaderSpace 5 Step Team Coaching Process

Join Dr. Krister Lowe and today’s guests and leading organizational coaches Richard Boston and Dean Taylor for this week’s episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast.  Richard and Dean are with LeaderSpace—a consultancy specializing in leadership and team performance based in the United Kingdom and in Australia.  Richard is Managing Director at LeaderSpace and a Chartered Business Psychologist with a thorough knowledge of leadership, team performance, and psychology. He’s the author of ‘ARC Leadership’, arguing that leaders need to be Authentic, Responsible and Courageous if they and their organisations are to move from surviving to thriving in a complex world.  Dean is a Chartered Business Psychologist with a special interest in emotional intelligence and positive psychology.  He is highly skilled in leadership assessment and development, emotional intelligence, team and organizational development and psychometrics.

In this episode of the podcast Richard and Dean share a range of insights from their rich team coaching practices. Themes covered in the episode include: the LeaderSpace 5 step team coaching process (1. Engage, 2. Assess, 3. Align, 4. Progress, 5. Review); co-team coaching; future trends in team coaching including: habit formation in teams, where team coaches can really make a difference, bringing multiple teams together to accelerate change, catapulting coaching across organizations and within industries to address systemic challenges, and more. In the podcast, Richard and Dean also share a number of compelling stories involving teams in the management consulting, charity and public sectors.

This episode is brimming over with a wealth of practical tips, techniques and resources that will help every team coach take their coaching practice to the next level. It’s an episode you will surely not want to miss!

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On this week’s episode of the Team Coaching Zone podcast guest Richard Boston and Dean Taylor introduce listeners to Richard’s book ARC Leadership: From Surviving to Thriving in a Complex World.















Book Description: At all levels and in all organisations, leaders face a rising tide of mistrust in a world that’s increasingly complex and interconnected. If they are to survive and thrive, these leaders, their teams and their organisations are going to need to be simultaneously Authentic, Responsible and Courageous.

This is the first book to bring those three critical qualities together. It’s heavily researched but eminently readable. It walks with you, not judging you. It accepts that these three ARC qualities can be hard to live up to, and it provides a practical programme for getting a whole lot better at it. In doing so, it will help you:

• adopt new ways of thinking and leading in an increasingly complex world
• increase people’s trust in you and your organisation
• navigate the conflicting priorities of diverse stakeholders
• build better, more resilient teams that deliver far more than the sum of their parts

“One of the most thought-provoking books I’ve ever read. It’s a book shareholders will be waving at CEOs.” Tim Patterson, Vice President, Nickelodeon

“Positive, hopeful, intelligent, friendly, shrewd, eye-opening, evidence-based and incredibly generous. It challenges and supports us like a great coach or trainer would do… part character review, part campaign for personal overhaul.” Phil Hayes, Chairman, Management Futures

“Business schools in particular would do well to pay attention: given what’s gone on in corporations, they need to take greater responsibility for producing future leaders who aren’t simply able to profitably grow a business, but are – to their core – Authentic, Responsible and Courageous.” Karen Lombardo, former Worldwide Head of Human Resources, Gucci Group



Webinar Topic: “Team Coaching: Working at Different Levels of Complexity”

Date & Time: Wednesday, 18 November, 1:00 p.m. EDT

Panelists: Krister Lowe, PhD; Alex Durand, + Additional Guests (TBD)


Join Dr. Krister Lowe, Host of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast, and Alex Durand, Founder of Frable Consulting and podcast guest in Episode #030, for this Fall’s Team Coaching Zone webinar series!  Alex and Krister will be hosting a round table discussion with a few additional team coaches on a pre-selected topic.  This Fall we will be challenging ourselves to think more creatively about team coaching and to take our team coaching practices to the next level.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea and join in to listen, to ask questions and/or to share your insights and perspectives!   Register for free today!  A link to the free webinar session will be sent to you prior to the live event.  Can’t attend a live session? No problem we’ve got you covered. Find webinar replay videos on the bottom of http://www.teamcoachingzone.com/webinars to get caught up on past sessions!  Replays become available a few days following he live webinar.


Webinar 007: October 21, 2015

Topic: “Exploring the Core Competencies of Team coaching”

Overview: In this 58 minute long webinar replay, Dr. Krister Lowe and Alex Durand—Fall 2015 Webinar Series Hosts—moderate an informal webinar hangout with a number of leading organizational and team coaches including: Dr. Terrence Maltbia, Jennifer Britton, and Dr. Pamela Van Dyke.  The informal conversation among the panelists as well as the participants focuses on identifying the core competencies required for coaching teams in organizations.  A range of themes are explored.  For more information and resources on team coaching and to sign up for future webinars go to: www.TeamCoachingZone.com. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.


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