The Wylde Swan Tall Ship


Join Us Aboard The Wylde Swan Tall Ship!

“A Once in a Lifetime Adventure”

London, England to Sines, Portugal

15-30 April 2017

Price*: 2,975 Euros (approx. $3,200 USD)


The Race

  • Over 15 days beginning in London, England and ending in Sines, Portugal, you will join a team consisting of an expert captain, professional crew, your program guides, and fellow coaches aboard the Wylde Swan—a Tall Ship originating from Makkum in the Netherlands. Over the 15 days you will help the Wylde Swan race other tall ships in a Regatta during the first leg of the 2017 Transatlantic Tall Ships Race.  The Captain and Crew will teach you all you need to know about sailing the ship.

The Leadership Quest

  • You will also engage in an individual leadership quest to discover and/or refine your own journey as a leader in your area(s) of interest. This is a wonderful opportunity to (re) discover and (re)connect with your life purpose.  Over the 15 days you will have the opportunity to unplug and reflect, to get in alignment within yourself, and to become present in the context of nature.  Our frenetic modern world makes it challenging to find time and space for deep reflection.  This trip will provide that opportunity.

The Learning Program

  • With your program guides—Eric Kohner, MCC, Pim Harder, CPCC, ORSCC, Krister Lowe, PhD, CPCC, and Robert Rosen Jacobson, M.Sc.—and your fellow coaches, you will co-create a dynamic and unique learning experience. During the program you will gain hands-on experience coaching at the individual, team and systems levels; explore coaching from 6 knowledge centers (head, heart, hands, gut, groin + nature); and apply your learning in the context of the Tall Ships Race.  This program is designed to leverage the collective intelligence and to explore distributed leadership in the group.


Spread Your Wings


London, England: April 15

  • Step aboard in London and spend your first day visiting the amazing Tall Ships Race 2017 Port Festival. During the port festival you get to enjoy ship viewing, live music, the farewell fireworks and join in the spectacular Parade of Sail leaving London.
  • Meet the Program Guides, Captain and Crew and other Coaches and form as a learning community.
  • From London we will sail down the Thames to the North Sea on our way to Torbay, the starting port of the Transatlantic Tall Ships Regatta. During these first sailing days you get to know the ship and crew and form into one team in preparation of our first leg.

Torbay, UK: April 19

  • On the 19th of April you will be part of the start of the Tall Ships Regatta from Torbay (UK). This marks the moment that you start learning about the tactics of racing. Your team–consisting of the captain and crew, your program guides and coaches, as well as other shipmates–will be divided into four watches. Together with your watch mates you determine the course of the ship and steer her as quickly as possible to the finish at Sines (Portugal). During your watch you learn things like hoisting sails, climbing up to the yard safely and how to navigate. You experience the value and fun of teamwork, responsibility and respect.
  • During the race you, along with your Program Guides and fellow Coaches, will co-create a unique learning experience.  Elements include: honing your coaching skills at the individual, team and systems levels; exploring the Whole Mind and Fully Embodied Leadership coaching model that integrates 5 Knowledge Centers (Head, Heart, Hands, Gut, Groin) + Nature; reflecting on your own leadership calling and more.

Sines, Portugal: April 30

  • Once finished in Sines you, your Program Guides and your fellow coaches will reflect on the leadership learning journey.
  • You will also get to explore the birthplace of Vasco da Gama, and join in the fun of another Tall Ships Race Festival which takes place when we arrive.

Learn More About The Race:


Who Is This Program Designed For?

  • Coaches who have completed at least a basic coach training (individual, team and/or system) and who some fundamental coaching skills/experience
  • Leaders who have experience coaching individuals and/or teams in real companies
  • You DO NOT need to have sailing experience. The captain and crew will teach you all you need to know
  • Participants who are open to co-creating a dynamic learning experience, who are adventurous and willing to be challenged

3 + 5 =

*Note: You can expect a reply within 24 hours of applying.  If you are approved you will be sent a link to a registration page where you will also find additional information on the program


Eric Kohner is most well known as a master in developing leaders using techniques that are both deeply transformative and, at the same time, incredibly fun. Eric is an internationally recognized executive coach and keynote speaker. He founded eKCosystem, a global corporate training company dedicated to bringing HUMAN BEING into Business. A senior trainer with the world renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Eric is a pioneer of the coaching profession. Eric is a Certified Coach (CPCC) with CTI, and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation. He is based in Los Angeles in the United States.

Eric Kohner, CPCC, MCC

Dr. Krister Lowe is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Team Coaching Zone, LLC. Krister is passionate about transforming the world of work through team coaching. He has an active executive and team coaching practice, is the Host of The Team Coaching Zone podcast–a weekly interview show that explores the art and science of team coaching–and is committed to fostering the growth of team coaches around the world through designing and delivering world-class team coaching master classes. He is based near Philadelphia in the United States.

Krister Lowe, PhD, CPCC

Pim Harder is the Founder of Pim Harder Training and Coaching. Pim combines over 15 years experience and expertise in youth and adult learning and team and organizational development. He creates and facilitates change and development programs for educators, senior managers and leadership teams. Pim is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) and is also certified in the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Certification (ORSCC) program. He is based in the Netherlands.

Pim Harder, CPCC, ORSCC

Robert M. Rosen Jacobson is a business economist from the University of Groningen, Holland. His passion is sailing and from 2007 until 2014 he raced in regattas professionally. He participated in several trans-ocean solo races in the smallest trans-ocean racing class boat (6.5 meters long). Robert is also a coach from the “School of Coaching” in Holland and has a long background in the Dutch maritime sector as a general manager. He knows not only what is necessary to survive but also how sound leadership over your mental and physical health in any circumstance will heavily influence the quality of your decisions, making the difference between winning and losing.

Robert M. Rosen Jacobson, M.Sc.



Wylde Swan began her working life in 1920 as a ‘herring hunter’, to bring the fresh catch from the North Atlantic to market as quickly as possible. Between 2007 and 2010, the sleek ship with the beautiful lines was converted into the spectacular schooner that the Wylde Swan is today. The Wylde Swan’s predecessor, the Swan fan Makkum, was specially built as a new ship in 1993 to be the largest brigantine in the world. That was the first year we participated in the Tall Ships Races with Swan fan Makkum.


The two 40-meter masts and her oversized sails dominate the Wylde Swan silouhette. On deck you will find large spaces for gatherings, as well as several nooks and crannies that offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the busy ship. The aft deck is spacious and offers beautiful looks, while the middle deck can be covered over to protect from harsh sun or rain.  Some quick facts:

  • Length: 62 meters
  • Draft: 3.5 meters
  • Mast Height: 43 meters
  • # of Sails: 9
  • Hull Speed: 15 Knots
  • Flag State: The Netherlands
  • Home Port: Makkum
  • Built: 1920 / 2010 (Total Conversion)
  • Crew: 12-14 pers.
  • Trainees: 36 pers.
  • Engine: 460 HP Caterpillar C12 Diesel


The slightly oval shape of the main hold is insPired by two hands, clasped together as a symbol of togetherness. The main hold is the heart of social life on board, and is easily reconfigured for study, meals, and rest, as well as the occasional raucous party. We wanted to give the ship a fresh and modern feel. By using a muted color palette we accented the spaciousness of the deck house and the main hold. Both feel like a blank canvas, ready to be made home by the people who came on board.


Do I need to have sailing experience?

No, you will be taught everything you need to know on the boat and will be working with a team on various tasks required to sail the ship.

What is included in the course prices of 2,975 Euros? (approx. $3,200 USD)

Pricing includes both the 15 days of sailing as well as the learning program. Bunk bed and board on the boat, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, coffee, tea and water are included. Excluded from the price are transportation costs to and from the ship and drinks other than those mentioned above



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