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In this dynamic 3-day certification training workshop you will learn about the 5 Knowledge Centers (Reason, Love, Action, Intuition, Passion) + Nature framework,  and how you can unlock their full potential to transform your leadership, coaching and teaming effectiveness. By the end of this course you will have enhanced your own agility, acquired practical tools for applying the 5 knowledge centers in diverse contexts and joined a growing community of 5 Knowledge Center practitioners.

A 3-day introduction to Systemic Team Coaching®. This experiential certificate programme is designed for coaches and organisational consultants wanting to work systemically with business teams.  The programme is ideal for those wanting to build confidence and authority in their application of team coaching.  Completion of this 3 day Certificate programme is a pre-requisite for those wanting to undertake the Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma.


In this engaging 2-day program, participants will walking away with: 1) the 6 conditions of team effectiveness – an evidence-based framework of high performing teams; 2) practical tools for coaching team leaders and teams for high performance and learning; 3) certification in one of the most well-researched team performance and coaching instruments—The Team Diagnostic Survey™.

Team Advantage is the original team coaching program designed to accelerate winning business results. For more than two decades, our coaches have partnered with teams from a variety of industries to deliver stellar outcomes. This program is the secret advantage for leaders who seek to have their teams work together in new, meaningful and more fun ways.


Are you leveraging video feedback in your current coaching practice? Video feedback is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized, tools for helping clients gain deeper awareness of themselves and their impact on others. Video Feedback Coaching is a step-by-step learning program designed to teach you how to unleash the power of video feedback in your coaching!

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